Would you like to organise something different for your (fellow) employees, team-members, administrations co-workers or management? Would you like to bring about something between people within the concern through a creative process? Cheer up a canteen or a special meeting or something different?
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Painting (for example transpose a mission, targets and kernel tasks to images) in a team can be a very special way of getting your co-workers busy with the business in an other way.
Expressive artist Toos van Poppel has a wide experience, from designing a new logo to the co-operative creation of a double panel for the management room of an officially listed concern. Tangible works of art have been made by small teams (4 people) as well as large teams (up to 60 individuals), mostly in the form of a multi-panel (for example 36 separate paintings integrated with each other, forming one large work of art). Usually these works of art, the result of a memorable afternoon or evening, get a prominent place within the business. One can enjoy the result.
bedrijven buiten
It is possible to do the workshops in the painting studio of Toos van Poppel in Zeist (up to 10 people). Catering optional. Good weather allows both indoor and outdoor painting, in the park-like garden. A location within the concern or somewhere else is also possible.
range from € 750 up to € 3500. This includes all materials required like canvases, protective clothing and paint. Any location costs/catering costs and 21% VAT will be added.
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