Toos van Poppel
Gilze-Rijen, 1958
Toos graduated from the Royal Academy of Art & Design in Den Bosch in 1986. Despite her interest in the graphic arts, which dates back to her childhood, she decided to embark on a career in the fashion industry. During her career as a fashion designer and stylist she received rave reviews from fashion critics and organised expositions in various nationally an internationally renowned museums, including the Municipal Museum of The Haque, The Royal Tropical Institute and “De nieuwe Kerk” in Amsterdam.
After years of active participation in the fashion industry, Toos decided that it was time for new challenges. During this period, her accomplishments included the studio artwork for a Dutch television series for Children broadcasted by the VPRO. In 1996 Toos finally decided to direct all of her energy to her true passion: painting.
Since then, Toos has made a lot of paintings for private collectors as well as companies. Most of her work is showed in the annual exposition, in the last weekend of January, in Villa Sparrenheuvel in Zeist. Moreover she participated in several group-expositions and several solo-expositions in The Netherlands.
Toos is constantly in search of new ways to express her thoughts, feelings and vision. Painting allows her to give shape and form to her innermost feelings and to achieve her foremost goal, which is to powerfully express complex stories and to uncover the truth and the myriad philosophical aspects it hides.
Without making concessions to physical quality and longevity, Toos enjoys experimenting with different materials and techniques. In addition to acrylics, she uses paper, fabrics, hide, gold & silver leaves, sand and resin in her work.She recently also started incorporating photographic images into her canvasses.
Toos is interested in disentigration processes and in combining old and new materials in her work. Creation of a fine balance of beauty and decay is an important part of her technique.
Toos uses human formsas the basis for much of her work, resulting in canvasses that explore emotion and human interaction. She also employs innate objects such as tables, letters, chairs and ladders in her paintings because of her interest in the emotions that are often attached to such objects. Literal chemistry (mixed media), figurative chemistry (human interaction) and mysticism are keywords in her work.
Abstract Art
Driven by intuition and a deep love for mixed media, Toos creates dazzling and colourful abstracts and calmer, more ‘frozen’ work. Most of her abstract work reflects her inner feelings and emotions.
Figurative Art
Toos her source of inspiration comes mostly from people and the interaction between objects and emotions.
Other Work
Given her background as a stylist, the fact that Toos received numerous assignments from private collectors and companies is not suprising. Her paintings for monumental buildings, including the offices of a real estate firm and an eighteenth century coach house demostrate her sensitivity to her surroundings and the objects it contains and her ability to integrate style elements into her work.
Toos selected a statement made by Democritus in 500 b.c. as the point of departure for some of her canvasses she recently completed for a large corporate assignment: “You will find that it is extremely difficult to fathom the properties possessed in reality by an individual object”.
Besides the paintings, Toos also makes objects.